The general rule of thumb is that Heat is for muscles, Ice is for injuries

Heres a few directions on using a COLD PACK

• Store the cold pack in the freezer compartment

• Wrap the cold pack in a light pillow case before applying to the skin

• Lie on your back or in a reclined position when applying the cold pack

• For the upper and lower back areas - support your knees with a pillow and lie directly onto the covered cold pack

• For the neck area - compress the covered cold pack to the skin with the use of a pillow under the neck and head

• For hips, knees and ankles - position yourself with use of pillows to compress the affected part of the limb against the cold pack

• After a few minutes of application of the cold pack you may feel a slight stinging sensation.  This is normal and indicates that the painful area is inflamed.

• If the stinging sensation is too uncomfortable please remove the cold pack for a few minutes to ease the area before reapplying.

• Apply the cold pack for 10 minutes in total at one session and reapply 4 hourly until symptoms have subsided

• Repeat this procedure for 3 days prior to attending your Clinic Chiropractor for spinal and/or pelvic joint/muscle balance and realignment which may also include Chiropractic adjustments of the affected joints


Please do contact your Chiropractor via our receptionist if you have any queries

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