23rd February 2019


This event will provide an introduction to Pre & Perinatal Education and will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to Pre & Peri-Natal Education (PPNEd)
  • Introduction to Baby Body Language
  • Developing the relational field with a family
  • Pre & perinatal signs
  • Signs of neuro-developmental delay
  • Case studies


  • To be familiar with the most recent research in PPNEd
  • Recognise common signs of Pre & Perinatal Trauma
  • Recognise early signs of neuro-developmental delay in babies/children
  • Understand how and why to manage a family and child empathetically


SPEAKER: Anne Matthews FRCC

Anne has developed a multidisciplinary clinic at the Belfast Chiropractic Clinic & Complementary Therapies, N.Ireland over the past 32 years.
Her expertise is in managing babies and children who have had a history of Pre & Perinatal trauma and adverse childhood experiences (ACE).
Anne graduated from AECC in 1986. She integrates her unique combination of professional skills from her background in Physiotherapy,
Chiropractic, Biomechanics, Baby Therapy, Pre & Perinatal Education and Neuro-development.
Anne has trained extensively under the guidance of Karlton Terry, IPPE and with the Association of Pre & Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH).
She integrates the PPN concepts and knowledge of working with Baby Body Language into her very successful paediatric practice in Belfast.



09.00 – Registration

09.15 – Seminar begins

12.30 – Close


Registration Fees

RCC Members - £49

Non-Members - £75

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