Alex Puma

CranioSacral Therapist

We are each born into a conversation with our body. At the heart of CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is the foundation of self-healing, which is based on listening and participating in this conversation. CST invites you back into the conversation with your body and nervous system.

Alex’s focus is to bring home your self-healing awareness to you. Through Advanced CranioSacral-based Telehealth sessions, Alex helps you step into this listening and to understand your communication with your body and nervous system. Through these sessions, you —or you and your child— are assisted in befriending the nervous system through a simple understanding of how it works. With this knowledge, then you know how to work with your nervous system instead of feeling it is working against you.

When you learn how to resource your nervous system, then wholeness and wellness improve. Join Alex for a video or audio-based session today, and learn how to listen and converse with your body and automatic nervous system. Discover how to clearly hear and understand what your body is sharing with you. Whether you are a baby, a teen, or an adult, Alex can help you as parents and children —and as individual adults— befriend your nervous system and understand your body even more. Joy, Flexibility, Comfort are all possible. Gently return to the in-born conversation with your body. Bring the heart, the foundation, of this work into your life today.

Alex’s focus is to bring home your self-healing awareness to you. At the start of the COVID-19 lockdown, Alex became acutely aware there were CranioSacral Therapy (CST) and broader nervous system skills and knowledge that could be easily imparted and of such benefit to clients via video and audio-based sessions. Fortunately, two perfect trainings —video-based themselves— were offered during the lockdown period. These focused on meeting clients' needs at a distance via CST-based techniques and also teaching clients how to know their bodies and nervous systems even better than in a traditional CST session. Alex’s practice shifted focus as zee readily incorporated the Long Distance Healing and Becoming a Polyvagal Informed Therapist coursework into prior experience with video-based sessions. Doing so has deeply enhanced the skills and support offered in every client's tailored sessions, and clients are already reporting remarkable changes via this CranioSacral-based Telehealth work.

To every session, Alex also brings the experience from two decades of practice using CST and other osteopathic-based modalities. Alex started CST training in 2002 and built upon that foundation with further training in Paediatrics, Lymph and Visceral Manual work, Trauma and Nervous System Recovery, Brain-focused CST, Massage Therapy, EFT/Tapping, and most recently Long Distance Healing and Polyvagal Theory for Therapists. These two recent courses combined are the capstone to nearly two decades of ongoing learning and reignited Alex’s passion for helping people with their healing processes and improving well-being. With these trainings, Alex is pleased to bring home your understanding of your body and nervous system in new ways— both by giving you the skills to utilise during your sessions at home and to truly help you connect —be at home— with yourself, more comfortably inside your body with its in-built self-healing and wisdom.

In Alex's spare time, zee still enjoys getting outdoors to explore the island of Ireland as much as possible, restrictions permitting of course. Further understanding Polyvagal Theory has informed Alex's knowledge of why time in nature is so important. The processes each of our nervous systems go through in times of stress, particularly in the midst of our current ever-changing global health pandemic situation, call upon the key role that nature plays in our health. Continuing exploration of nature-based health and healing practices underlay both zen's newest intrigue about the power of Forest Bathing to assist health and well-being and ongoing journey with nature-based Soulcraft practices.

Pronoun Key: zee/zen/zens/zen’s/zenself (comparative: she/her/hers/hers/herself)

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