The IBS Recovery Plan

The Approach

The IBS Recovery Plan is a cutting-edge integrated approach to resolving IBS. Despite most symptoms occurring in the digestive system, evidence cannot trace a specific gastrointestinal cause for IBS.

What studies have revealed is a number of factors come together that manifest as digestive (or bowel) symptoms. Not even the best experts know it all, but this programme brings together expertise from different areas of gastrointestinal and neurological research, psychology and basic biology.

Our approach ties together the mind-body triggers of IBS symptoms – we firmly believe that the digestive system and our minds are intricately linked and together are behind your symptoms of IBS. Here are some facts:

  1. IBS is caused and triggered by a number of factors and they are different for each person
  2. The digestive system does not work in isolation
  3. No drug can cure IBS
  4. The traditional approach to IBS is typically about management of symptoms, but we believe in working towards a positive resolution.
  5. The gut / brain axis is at the heart of IBS. Latest scientific evidence shows that there is a two way communication system between the gut and the brain. The gut is known as the enteric nervous system, or ‘second’ brain. It communicates closely with the brain and vice versa.

A Functional Medicine Approach

From a Functional Medicine perspective, overall health is gained and maintained by viewing the body as a whole – as a series of interconnected systems. If something is out of balance in one area, it can shift the balance in other areas.

This approach underpins the IBS Recovery PlanTM. During the programme, our team of experts will evaluate your health and wellbeing, helping to pin-point your specific needs and the areas we need to work on the most.  

A sensitised gut can become reactive to many different types of foods, it becomes like a hyper-reaction of the immune system.  People often become afraid of eating many different foods as their digestive system reacts to them- this can often mean that clients have often cut out so many food groups their diet has nourishingfoodbecome very limited.   We aim to find out what to do to bring down the stressors within the body system and begin to bring nourishing foods to help restore normal gut function.  




By looking at stress/anxiety triggers, the microbiome, genetics, environment, diet and lifestyle we can assess where your IBS may be coming from and design a multi-faceted recovery plan for you. We work with you as a cohesive team to support and guide you through the programme.

The Gut / Brain Axis

Have you ever felt butterflies in your stomach? Perhaps from nervous excitement or fear?  If you have, then you have direct experience of the gut/brain axis in action. This is the important connection that exists between your brain and your digestive system.

Latest research has proven that there is a two-way conversation that occurs between our brain and gut – what we think can manifest as symptoms in the gut and things that go on in the gut can have an impact on our brains.

The brain and gut are connected by the vagus nerve through which hundreds of millions of nerve cells connect. This system of nerve cells is also called the Enteric Nervous System or ‘second brain’ and is involved in many processes including maintaining heart rate, immune cells, hormones and controlling digestion. 80-90% of the ‘happy’ hormone serotonin is manufactured in your gut, so you can see that what happens in the gut can have an impact on how you think and feel, just as how you think and feel may give you butterflies.

At the core of the IBS Recovery Plan is the understanding that both the brain and the gut play a role in your symptoms. The Plan is the first of its kind to incorporate an integrated approach to IBS – helping you work on any thoughts or emotions that may be triggering a stress response and  impacting digestion as well as optimising the health of the gut. We believe that without addressing both factors: calming the reaction of the nervous system and nourishing the gut, long-term recovery from IBS is exceptionally difficult.

The Programme

Our philosophy is about working on the root cause of a problem, not simply addressing symptoms – this is the route to long term resolution of IBS discomfort.

Because thstresse gut and the brain are so closely connected, a comprehensive IBS programme must address both. Stress and anxiety can cause gut disturbances and vice versa.

The IBS Recovery PlanTM offers you an integrated and bespoke approach to find the best

resolution to your IBS and
with a team of experts examining your case and finding the best way to move forward.  with the plan our clients receive a set amount of core sessions, however some people may require more support than others and this is judged on a case by case basis.  We also offer extensive long term follow up care, contact and advice to ensure the best outcomes for our clients.   

Please call the clinic for a callback from Aisling or Claire to discuss the Plan.

The 8 Week Plan Includes the following core areas:

MindCoaching – 4 sessions

Your programme begins with an initial assessment session with Aisling Cowan. During the session Aisling will evaluate your case and see if you would be suitable for the programme.  She will begin working on any mental/emotional/stress triggers that may be connected to your IBS.

Your following sessions with Aisling will be scheduled at the initial session.   These will take place over a 4-8 week period, depending on requirements for the individual.   You should allow 120 minutes for each MindCoaching session.

Nutritional Therapy – 2 consultations

After your initial MindCoaching assessment, you will be booked in with Nutritional Therapist, Claire Clerkin (this session can take place on the same day if necessary).

Claire will take a full health case history and draw up a map and timeline of your IBS symptoms. This will enable here to identify any specific imbalances that need to be addressed. After the session, Claire will design a bespoke nutrition and supplement plan for you. Claire specialises in gut-related issues and uses the latest research to inform her clinical practice.

The second consultation will be held 4 weeks later to review progress and plan any next steps.balance

Reflexology and/or Cranio Sacral Therapy – 1 session

The power of touch to nourish the nervous system is well-known. This element of the IBS Recovery ProgrammeTM will help you to connect with your body to learn how to keep balance for the future.


A free Chiropractic Assessment – 15minute

Gentle Chiropractic work can also be helpful in restoring balance to the body and nervous system, some clients will require this element and others will not.

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