Advanced Mindcoaching

What is it?

I specialise in helping people positively transform their mental-emotional wellbeing, accelerate their personal development and enhance their performance in all areas of their mind and life.

The techniques I use vary depending on what will work for that client.

People come to me because they are having unwanted emotional reactions, whether that is anxiety, binge eating or getting angry for no obvious reason!

I only work with clients who are serious about making change. It is all about finding solutions, not problems and allowing the past to be firmly in the you can begin to create an image of what you can become.

Do you need help moving forward with your life? Do you have habits you want to change?

To do this successfully I help you create a receptive state within your mind, these techniques can be done conversationally or with eyes closed in an imaginative state.

Working together we find ways to influence and reach the Unconscious mind to direct attention onto one issue at a time. Using all of your attention on one problem at a time means things not normally possible become achievable, you find solutions, resources and strengths that you weren’t even aware that you have.

Mind is more than just your brain: Neurotransmitters are found in every part of your body

I do this work with 3 important understandings:

  1. You have an Unconscious Mind

Whether you are aware of this or not; everything you have ever tasted smelled, heard or experienced is stored in some way within your nervous system. Your conscious mind is only what your current awareness is in this moment and your Unconscious is everything else. Neuroscience research has proved that your Unconscious mind is 0.5 seconds faster than what you are consciously aware of. Everything you are experiencing as NOW already took half a second for your nervous system to run through!

What does this mean?

That means that if you have an unwanted emotional reaction then it really makes sense to get to know your unconscious mind and how it works! Otherwise it is like trying to change the direction of a train using the last carriage. It is too late. You need to interrupt the process before it ever happens rather than waiting until it does. For example do you ever eat something without even being hungry or really even tasting it? Do you ever get angry at someone even though you intended not to before you saw them? Our Unconscious Mind is our Emotional Mind and the vast majority of decisions that ‘we’ think we make are actually made below our level of awareness.

You are way more than just your feelings! You are more than what you Think.

  1. The Map is not the Territory

As human beings, we can never know reality. We can only know our perceptions of reality and the way it is filtered through our senses and stored within our nervous systems based on all the filters we have within our mind. If we currently have only one way of looking at a problem, it is also not the only way we can look at it and sometimes changing the frame in which we look at a problem means it ceases to be a problem. It all depends on where our attention is in that moment.

“Every thought produces an emotion and every emotion is represented biochemically. These chemicals have a physical effect on the body”

Where would you be placing your attention if you were paying attention to things worth thinking about?

  1. Memories are now just re-presentations

People get really surprised when I say this but a fundamental belief that I teach all my clients is that no matter what has happened in your life, no matter how things have been; it is all imagined now. Where does it exist? All memories good and bad are now only representations within the mind & body it is the emotions connected to them and the way we play them over in our minds which make them feel real. I use highly successful NLP techniques to desensitize painful memories and help people change how the pictures are stored. These very fast techniques are particularly useful for traumatic memories or shocking events or for those suffering from PTSD.

Do you have a memory that you just cant seem to get out of your mind? Then this is for you.

You are also more than just your memories.

What to expect in a session

In the first consultation, Aisling using her health knowledge background will ask you questions about previous medical history, general health and lifestyle.  There will be discussion of past and present issues and how the person feels now.  Using NLP we will decide together on the changes or goals that are desired and give an estimation of how many sessions would be required.

Why do you want to make this change?

As logic is bypassed change can be very rapid and will begin from the first session.   A depth of clarity is brought to the mind to be able to look inside and see what is causing the issue and most importantly how they can change it.  Each session will be shaped according to the individual and changing needs of the client.  A normal course of core treatment for an issue would normally be about 4 sessions (ie for panic attacks or phobias).  Other positive changes can be 2-4 sessions, completely dependent on the issue and the client. Aislings in-depth therapeutic sessions are around 2hours, you won’t notice the time pass very quickly by.

Its just what you conditioned yourself into doing. It is not necessarily you.

How would you be as a person if this issue was no longer a problem for you?

How will I know if it is for me?

It is your own powerful mind that does the work- that wants to change: I am simply a guide to show you how.

After the consultation you will have a good idea if this is suitable, and Aisling will decide if she wants to work with you or not or if you really are ready to make a change.

Mindcoaching is unlike anything you have tried before and I welcome people who think they are too analytical or who ‘wouldn’t be good at this type of thing.’ There is always a way round problems! If you don’t want to spend years in counselling talking about the past then this is for you, I get the best results with people who choose to come and see me with an open mind. This is not about analysing and going over past problems but just finding the core issues (which can be done quickly and skillfully) then moving to the future as quickly as you are ready to.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person but my excellent results record is based on client testimonials and follow up calls.

Mindcoaching and Nutrition

Aisling Cowan specialises in helping people who have issues around food, the whole spectrum of over eating, undereating, food phobias, picky eaters, binge eating can all be targeted with her very special coaching techniques. Aisling works with long term weight loss clients to encourage and coach them with breaking emotional connections to food and empowering them to take control of their health.

What else can it help with?

Mindcoaching can be applied to a wide range of emotional and psychological problems. Common areas of application include anxiety and stress conditions, compulsive eating, addictive behaviours and confidence issues.  Aislings particular passion and interest lies in Emotional Eating and all types of Anxiety.

Most common issues currently:
Weight loss (combined with Nutrition)
Public speaking nerves
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
If you have any further questions please call the clinic, complete our enquiry form or email check out Aislings testimonials on

Aisling is one of Northern Irelands leading Mindcoaches, part of a group who share training, ideas and information to constantly push the boundaries of what is possible to achieve with their clients.



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