Chiropractic for pregnant women

Chiropractic for pregnant women

Pregnant women and their partners particularly benefit from our positive Chiropractic and supportive management approach combined with Massage for Pregnancy and Cranio-sacral Technique.

Many of the mums-to-be attend with
• low back pain, pelvic and leg pain
• difficulty with walking due to pain around the pubic symphysis joint (pubic symphysis dysfunction PSD)
• heartburn
• neck and pain into the arm,
• and those mothers who are seeking an active and positive birthing experience for themselves and their baby.

Our aim is to work with pregnant women to achieve:
• Good postural, spinal and pelvic alignment
• Muscle balance and relaxation
• Awareness of postures and exercises for birth preparation
• Confidence and comfort

What to expect

During your first visit a case history will be taken followed by a chiropractic examination, including postural analysis, othopaedic and neurological examinations together with hands on palpation of the spine and pelvic joints and muscles. Your postural and muscular tension will be assessed as well as the individual and global movement of the body, spine and neck.

We take a particular interest in the symmetry of the pelvis and lower back in order to assess the positioning or lie of your baby. We also look closely at your feet and their alignment with regards to the pelvis and the pubic symphysis.


Each women will have an individually tailored treatment program with the treatments technique used varying on the stage of pregnancy and the level of stability of the pelvic joints. A ‘doughnut’ pillow – with a hole in the centre – may be used to provide more comfort during a treatment session.

We offer advice on posture and recommend specific exercises during pregnancy. We discuss the positions that can be used during labour in order to optimize the width of the birth canal and how to prepare physically for the birth process.

Women who have availed of our services in the past have presented with the following conditions –

• Symphysis Pubic Dystrophy (SPD)
• Breech or transvers positioning of baby
• Low back pain
• Neck and arm pain
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• In-utero Constraint
• Headaches

If you would like more information please call us or complete our enquiry form.

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