How’s your posture

I want you to have a look around you.

If you’re at home look at the seated posture of your spouse, your kids…are they slouching at the breakfast table?

If you are at work/ on your way to work, take a look around the office today, what is the typical seated posture of your colleagues?

The image below is a typical seated posture that we are accepting as ‘normal’. A tilted pelvis, rounded back, forward head, rounded shoulders…a slouched position. We all know this isn’t good for us, but we usually don’t do anything about it. The human body is an amazing machine. We can put it in sub-optimal positions for a time and it can cope. However if we repeat this over and over again, the body eventually starts to let you know it isn’t happy.


Typical problems relating to poor seated posture include low back pain, neck pain, rounding/ hump at the base of the neck, burning pain across the shoulders or between the shoulder blades, pins and needles in the hands, dead arms in the morning, loss of power in the upper body, shortness of breath.. The list goes on…

These issues are all preventable if we simply address our poor posture. It’s not an easy task as it requires work and training on your part. It requires work on my part too. My job as a chiropractor is to identify how much damage the spine has taken from years of poor posture and then start to correct the spinal alignment to allow you to maintain that optimum ‘S’ curve in the spine associated with good posture.

If you can relate to this post and would like to work on fixing your posture, contact the Clinic on 02890 641111 to book an appointment

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