Have you got “Text Neck”?

There was a time when mobiles where used to call people. Now we can do many tasks on a small device, gone are the days of booting up the desktop, plugging in the dial up and doing the task we needed to do quickly. Now we can use the internet use our mini computers at our leisure practically anywhere!

Ask yourself, what do you use your mobile or tablet for? Texting, emailing, SATNAV, shopping, reading books, watching films, gaming, socialising on facebook, twitter, instagram, using apps etc etc…… how are you reading this? Chances are you’re contributing to a potential “Text neck”.

What is “Text Neck”?

It’s the loss of the natural curve of your neck and is caused by looking down at your device/mobile.

Simply put, the further forward your head tilts the more weight your neck has to support. In a neutral spine the neck can easily support the 12Ib head, but just a 15 tilt means the force of the head is now 27Ibs, a 30 degree tilt means a 40Ib stress on the neck, 45 tilt gives 49Ilbs and 60 tilt gives 60 Ibs which just over 4 stone!!


Image: Torrance memorial medical center

So What?
Well, besides the obvious neck and back pain and headaches there are other issues to consider- suffers of text neck can also experience gastrointestinal problems, loss of lung capacity and spine degeneration.

Top Tips to avoid Text Neck.

  • Avoid prolonged use of devices, any tasks that are going to take a while- check your ergonomics i.e sit a desk or table and use a laptop or desktop.
  • Try to balance your inactivity by taking regular breaks.
  • Move more… yoga, swimming, walking, pilates, tai chi etc.

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The British Chiropractic association also has some useful information, click on the link below to find out more.



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