Cherry Niblock

nualaCherry Niblock is a self-employed Birth & Baby Mentor who teaches holistic, Active Antenatal™ Birth Preparation classes here at the clinic.

After the birth of her second little boy Rowan, Cherry decided to train as a Birthing mentor in order to help support other women and babies during their birth journeys, who perhaps would encounter similar difficulties to what she had experienced during her two, very different, pregnancies and births.

Having undergone training with The Daisy Foundation in England, she now teaches Daisy Active Antenatal™ Birth Workshops and weekly Daisy Birthing® classes here in Northern Ireland, involving a combination of movement, relaxation, active birth techniques, antenatal education and support, and utilising a range of techniques including hypnobirthing, muscle memory, somatic education principles and more.

Cherry is passionate about supporting women to approach birth with confidence and positivity, and has a personal as well as professional interest in researching the far-reaching implications that a positive birth experience can have for whole families, and their impact on maternal mental health and infant neurodevelopment. When Cherry is not busy empowering mums-to-be, she spends her time with her two little boys, baby Rowan and 5 year old Jason, husband Mark and their dog, Molly!

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