Childrens Nutrition Course


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Healthy Kids!  A 6 week Children’s Nutrition Course for parents of 0-12 year olds.

Good nutrition in infancy and childhood is crucial for future-proofing a child’s health.  During the early years, the brain, immune system, organs and tissues are developing and laying down their blueprint function for decades to come.  What you child eats now absolutely impacts their future health.

During this six-week course, Claire will lead you through the basics of good nutrition for growing children.  The aim is to furnish you with both basic nutrition knowledge and practical ways to incorporate nutrient-dense foods into children’s diets.  The course will also touch on the practical elements of food from label reading and cooking methods that preserve nutrients, to dealing with picky eaters.

The Healthy Kids course is £150 and is suitable for parents, grandparents or carers of children aged 0-12* years.  The first five sessions will be held at the Belfast Chiropractic Clinic and Complementary Therapies on consecutive Thursday evenings from 7-8.30pm from 20th October.  The final session will be an interactive cooking workshop to put all you have learned into practice.  Each week, you will receive module materials, including three recipes and become part of a Facebook group where you can share recipes and ask questions.

Contact Claire Clerkin to request and information pack and course outline.

*This course does not cover weaning, but is suitable for parents who are thinking ahead to feeding toddlers and beyond

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