Daisy Birthing – Antenatal Classes at the Clinic

The Daisy Birthing® program offered here at the clinic by Daisy Foundation Birthing Mentor, Cherry daisy birthing - antenatalNiblock, offers a unique way for pregnant women to learn their antenatal education, anchoring their breath to their body and their movement – exactly where it is needed on baby’s birthing day!

The Daisy Birthing Active Antenatal™ classes allow mums-to-be to prepare for a more confident, calm childbirth experience, as well as a more comfortable pregnancy, and are suitable for all mums, regardless of how many previous pregnancies they have had and whatever their birth choices.

In fact, many mums attending classes are second or third time mums, perhaps seeking a more positive birth experience to provide some healing from a previous traumatic one.

Please visit www.thedaisyfoundation.com for full details on the classes and workshops that Cherry offers, or contact cherry-niblock@thedaisyfoundation.com.

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